About the City

Population & Economy

The City of Brownfield is the county seat and principal commercial center of Terry County, located on the South Plains of Texas between Lubbock and Odessa. The city's 2010 population was 9,657. The local economy has been historically based on agri-business (farming and related business and industry) and energy production (oil and gas) and was recently designated as the "Grape Capital of Texas", however, strong efforts to diversify the economy have been successful.

City Government

The city operates under a home rule charter adopted by the voters in 1954 and amended by the voters in 2000 utilizing the Council-Manager form of government with the mayor and two council members elected at-large and five council members elected by district. A professional manager is employed by the council to conduct day-to-day operations. The present manager, Jeff Davis, has served in that position since December 2019. His total tenure with the city exceeds 18 years. He is a Certified Public Manager through Texas Tech University and attends several conferences each year to stay current on various facets of city management. The current annual operating budget is $21,277,355 The city's tax base is approximately $232,051,553. There are 92 1/2 full-time personnel employed by the City of Brownfield in its various departments.


All accounting records are maintained and billing processed by the office staff under the supervision of the Assistant City Manager/City Secretary, Kelly Burris. Mrs. Burris has 10 years of service with the City of Brownfield and is a Certified Municipal Clerk. Records are maintained on a Windows-based computer system located on the premises. A complete audit of the city's business is completed annually by an outside accounting firm.

Services & Activities

Services and activities performed by the City of Brownfield include the distribution of electrical power, production and distribution of water, collection and disposal of sewage, collection and disposal of domestic and commercial solid waste, street maintenance, inspection services plus police and fire services, and general governmental operations.